Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neighborhood #5 (upcoming kickass concert)

I am more than a little excited about this Saturday's concert. I haven't been this giddy about seeing a band since Wolf Parade (before that Les Savy Fav [twice] and before that, er, Radiohead, I guess, but that was years ago). Its like I am four years old again and X-mas is just a few days away, but those days pass by like enormous stubborn pieces of glacier-time. I listened and re-listened and re-re-listened to Neon Bible and Funeral so many times these past few days, come up with imaginary set lists, made 'cuts' of the songs that if they really really have to leave out then so be it I guess it would be okay but not really. With only two full albums of work they will likely play a bulk of both albums, the benefit of seeing these guys so early in their careers. You don't have to worry about them not playing your favorite obscure track from an EP released between their 4th and 5th albums or some such silliness. Since my 'perfect' set list keeps changing I suppose I will just list the songs in a 'most wanted' order. The closer to the top the song is the happier I'll be if it is performed. Red for Bible, Blue for Funeral.

1. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) "The power's out in the heart of man!" This would be an excellent third or fourth song of their performance. Its too rawkus to just come right out of the gates with.

2. Rebellion (Lies). The 'hit single' from Funeral, I still remember when i heard it at the Gap on Michigan Ave and thought "in what perfect pop universe does this radio station exist?"

3. Black Mirror. Now this one they could open with...

4. Neighborhood #1 (tunnels) Still gives me the pop music equivalent of the DTs.

5. Well & the Lighthouse

6. No Cars Go. Croftie is probably sick of me blasting this on the Jeepie Jeepie's stereo.

7. Neighborhood #2 (laika). vampires. yeah.

8. Intervention
9. Blackwave/Bad Vibrations
10. keep the car running
11. antichrist television blues
12. crown of love
13. neon bible
14. my body is a cage
15. haiti
16. windowstill
17. Neighborhood #4 (kettles)
18. wake up
19. Une anee sans lumiere
20. ocean of noise
21. in the backseat.



At 6:29 AM , Blogger oline said...

yaaaaaaaay. really, what more can i say.


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