Monday, October 15, 2007

adding another jewel to yee olde bookcase

It officially goes on sale tomorrow. I've had it in some form since March (via an advanced reader's paperback galley edition). Today, the 'real' books arrived at the store and one was damaged. So I'll be taking him home tonight, to sleep amongst friends on my bookcase. He's enormous and hardcover and wonderful and normally $37 and promises to be a phenomenal translation of an even phenomenaler work (which i read in a different translation a few years back in my great books in world lit kick). His flaws, his I'm not fit to be sold in a bookstore flaws, were easily fixed with a razor (for a few of his pages were over long, all he needed was some love and a haircut). God i love working in a bookstore.



At 10:49 AM , Blogger oline said...

i saw this on your dining room table. it is beautimous.

and to continue a convo we've begun several times some while ago-yes, pevear (minus volokhonsky) translated my dumas. and as if their mode of translation was outrageously cool enough, the translation itself is good to boot.


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