Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Kitchen Made of Cheddar

Croftie and I are subtle people with subtle tastes. This has been proven time and again. But never more so than late yesterday evening. The two of us were about halfway done painting our kitchen a beautiful peach sorbet color. At least that is what the color is called, and that is what it looked like on the tiny sample slip. However, covering the not so huge but fairly substantial walls of our kitchen the color... changed. Perhaps it did not feel at home there. Croftie and I took a step back, both of us nervous but waiting for the other to say something. Finally, one of us did.

"Ferd, I don't want to live in a Kitchen made of Cheddar."

Three hours and some Thai take-out later, we finished priming over our miscalculation.


At 8:08 AM , Blogger oline said...

and it looks quite loverly now.


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