Sunday, December 17, 2006

ten *music*

before the gogol-ing on friday, Oline and i had a chance to discuss year end listing. I mentioned that was planning on doing a series of lists to close out 2006 on my freshly ressurected blog. She has already obliged us with her ten most listened to albums of 2006 (regardless of year of release) and I plan on doing the same in the space below, with a small amount of annotation where annotation is due. In the next couple of days my list of favorite books, films, concerts, and perhaps a few other odds and ends. enjoy.

10. Sufjan Stevens
ome on Feel the Illinoise! 2005 (asthmatic kitty)
fave track: John Wayn
e Gacy, Jr.

09. Comets on Fire
Blue Cathedral 2004 (subpop)
loud and raucous an
d messy. My best friend as an undergrad summed up my musical proclivities by those very same three words. not much has changed since then.

08. Islands
Return to the Sea 2006 (equator)
an album actually relea
sed and purchased in 2006. how cutting edge am I?

07. Beatles (first disc of)
White Album 1968 (capitol)
and now to the other end of the timely spectrum. oddly enough it took me 26 years to discover the Beatles. Between Croftie and
myself I have now absorbed Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, and the first half of the White album (because Croftie bought it dirt-cheap used, and missing its second half).

06. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
CYHSY 2005 (self-released)
fave track: In This Home
On Ice

05. The Advantage
Elf-Titled 2006 (5RC)
because how can one wash away all lingering doubts as to my complete and utter geek-dom than by listening to a california math-rock band c
over original Nintendo game songs over and over and over...
fave track/moment: Wh
en Castlevania III's "Boss Music" transistions effortlessly into Megaman 2's "Bubble-man theme." Genius.

04. Mastodon
Leviathan 2004 (relapse)
i'm such a metal poseur bu
t jesus h. these guys kick ass.

03. Pelican
The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw 2005 (hydra head)
everything the famil
y of Sigur Ros and Godspeed leave me wanting more of, i.e. darker, louder, even more devastating sound.

02. M.I.A.
Arular 2005 (XL)
Bombsy clinched it. Was leaning toward picking this gem up then Bombsy said it was a must. Requested it for X-mas, received it and the rest is history. probably listened to this album twice as much as everyone else on this list up to this point c
ombined. p.s. that link in the first sentence is supposed to go to Bombsy's blog but i can't seem to locate said awesomeness.
fave track(s): every fuckin
g one.

01. Wolf Parade
Apologies to the Queen Mary 2005 (subpop)
i've listened to this album so much that it has now fused to my d.n.a. Got to see them in concert and learned thay have not one lead singer with remarkable range but 2 lead singers of divergent song-stylings. This was definitely my 2006
Aeroplane Over the Sea.



At 6:26 PM , Blogger oline said...

i know aeroplane over the sea was the aeroplane over the sea of 2004, but what was the aeroplane over the sea of 2005?

At 7:28 PM , Blogger Les Savy Ferd said...

oddly enough it might have been aeroplane over the sea. seriously, no other album this side of siamese dream enjoyed a more extended run in my music dispenser of choice. Unless it was Arcade Fire... also, 2005 was my year to magnetized as 2006 was yours. also a now defunct punk (what a great phrase!) band named mclusky had a good run in ought-5.

At 7:54 PM , Blogger oline said...

i can't tell you the glee i felt upon dicovering that magnetics cd in the croftcar after jennyfair's going away. and then when you put on "long-forgotten fairytale" and sagely said, oh, how i love this song- the same song i'd been listening to non-stop for weeks- i knew we were meant to be forever friends. not that i didn't already kind of know, but the forever took on a whole new dimension of musical coolness that night.

At 8:42 AM , Blogger Les Savy Ferd said...

forever's dimensions are always in flux. glad i could add a little friendship to the mix.

At 11:45 PM , Blogger nick said...

i have some homework to do, having little to no knowledge of nos. 9-8 & 5-3. my list is going to be so very very different. but the comparison/contrast is what makes it fun!

At 12:18 PM , Blogger oline said...

dread pirate, i'm going to stop being a crane wife tease. it has been burned and will be in your hands by sundown.

At 12:32 PM , Blogger Les Savy Ferd said...

picaresque very nearly landed on this list...

At 3:00 PM , Blogger nick said...

you've made him wait for the crane wife this long? gasp! i gave that to you last month!

At 3:43 PM , Blogger Les Savy Ferd said...


At 3:58 PM , Blogger oline said...

i know, i know. bad oline. but today, it's totally coming the pirate's way.

At 3:58 PM , Blogger oline said...

what an icky rhyme.

At 9:00 AM , Blogger Les Savy Ferd said...

but those are the best kind! and thank you.

At 9:08 AM , Blogger Les Savy Ferd said...

also Good Sir Nicholas, no worries (or research necessary) about not knowing the albums on this list. i am a hopeless music pedant and freely admit to it. Yes I exhibit all of the signs of snobbery, not liking something just because it is popular, contradicting myself because when I finally do get down to listening to something popular I often like it, etc. However everyone of these albums is great in different ways, just probably not for everyone. And my tastes do tend to gravitate to toward whiny voiced singers, punk themes, and recently, metal-ish type sounds.

At 9:33 AM , Blogger nick said...

metal sounds, eh. you should inquire from the Oline on the subject of a little disc called "Break Out the Battle Tapes" by Wired All Wrong. fusion is the only word to describe it.

At 10:54 AM , Blogger Lara said...

The Croft is sadly behind in the commenting AND the musicalness. I just keep plodding along with the same Clancy Brothers CD my family has been listening to for 25 years. And the same (but newly purchased in CD-form) Madonna songs I sang into a hairbrush when I was eight. Ah well. I love that you know all of these bands!


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